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A winch is designed ONLY for pulling along a horizontal surface, NOT FOR LIFTING or securing a load... under any circumstances!!! USING A WINCH FOR SUCH PURPOSE IS OUTSIDE OF THE DESIGNED USE.

For lifting purposes you will require a 'Hoist'

For hoist sales please call us on 01895 234400


In order to understand the correct usage procedure for all winching applications please read the following information, Failure to understand and execute this procedure in the use of any electric winch will cause a considerable shorter life cycle to your new winch.

The information provided below will help you in selecting the correct model of winch to suit your required application.

Winches used under certain conditions i.e salvage & recovery every day use will require a much higher output motor than that of a less frequently used winch which is pulling only small boats etc from water onto a trailer.

Remember - When a vehicles weight is approx 2t and the requirement is to load the vehicle up ramps onto a recovery vehicle then the weight of the vehicle is greater than its previous weight when on level ground, the requirement of the winch is far greater due to the fact that it obviously takes more effort to pull the same weight up a gradient than along a flat surface. The required ratio of a winch for this application would be minimum 9000lb (4.1t) Please note the 9000lb rating is a maximum on the first layer of cable on level ground.

Winches are rated at their 'Straight line pull' capabilities and therefore it is essential to evaluate the use of the winch prior to purchase. The same applies in a 4x4 vehicle situation when pulling a 4x4 either up a gradient or out of 2 feet of mud!

In Plain English - A 2ton winch would not meet with the requirement of 4x4 uphill climbing for a vehicle weighing 2 tonnes, the requirement of the winch for this task would be 9000lbs minimum. Any smaller winch would inevitably prove to be both dangerous and false economy causing premiture failure.

People often purchase a winch rated at 2 ton which may be the same as their vehicles weight, they are then dissapointed when the winch fails under use due to wrongly selecting their requirement upon purchase. Tradewinch will not supply any winch for a 4x4 of less than 9000lb Series wound specification.

Winches need to be powerful enough to pull your vehicle whilst overcoming the added resistance caused by obstacles such as moving water, mud, snow or sand or on a steep hill. As a general guide the requirement of your winch must have a maximum line pull of at least 2.5 times the vehicles weight.

How Winches are rated :

Load and speed vary according to how much wire rope is on the drum, The first layer of rope on the drum delivers the slowest speed and the maximum load. A full drum delivers the maximum speed and the minimum load. For this reason, all vehicle winches are rated at their first layer capabilities

Please see examples below

Vehicle Transporter / Recovery Vehicles

A vehicle weighing 1 ton winched up the ramps of a recovery vehicle with a 30% gradient would convert the vehicle weight whilst on the gradient to a mass weight of 2.5 ton. Therefore using a 1 ton winch for a 1 ton vehicle for these conditions would be totally un-suitable. A minimum requirement of your winch would be 2.5 ton for a 1 ton vehicle + any multible thereafter. i.e a 2 ton vehicle would require 2.5 times the line pull i.e 2.5 x 2 ton = 5 ton minimum. Any vehicles which may have other restrictions such as flat tyres, binding brakes or wheels missing etc would multiply the require line immensley therefore these factors MUST be taken into consideration when purchasing a new winch.
The use of a snatch block is strongly advised along with shortening the cable will increase the power of your winch.

All winches are rated at maximum power on the first layer of cable only. All instruction booklets must be read and observed prior to first use.

Our suggested requirement for entry level to the above would be our 8500lb winch with the 5.5 HP motor (Minimum)

4 x4 Vehicle examples

A 4x4 vehicle with a kerb weight of 2 tons requiring pulling up a gradient of 20% in mud would convert the weight of the vehicle to 5.5 tons. Therefore a 2 ton winch would be totally unsuitable for this application. A minimum requirement of your winch would be 5.5 tons.
The use of a snatch block is highly recommended under these conditions. Please note - It is strongly advised that these factors are taken into consideration when selecting your new winch.

Our suggested requirement for entry level to the above would be our Platinum Range 9,000lbs with the 5.5 HP Motor (Minimum)


The use of a winch for the lifting or transportation of persons is strictly forbidden, the wire bond is secured only by a automatic brake system which could fail under certain conditions risk of death could occur.

Tradewinch will not be held responsible for any accidents, failure of equipment or otherwise under any misuse conditions detailed here.

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